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Yum Yorm and his daughter have access to water!

Yum Yorm
Dear Leona, Adrian, Olga, MariaJose, Beata, and Stella,

Yum Yorm lives in the village of Kbal Kropeu with his wife, son and daughter. The family lives in a house made of palm, and in addition to their crops, they own six chickens and two cows. The family also owns a moto they use to travel into town.

Thanks to the generous support of Stella (12 parts!), Leona, Adrian, Olga, Maria and Beata, the Trailblazer Foundation was able to build a well for this family.

This well will change life for Yum Yorm and his family. Before your generous donation the family had to travel long distances to collect water.  Now they have a source of water in their front yard! Pictured is Yum Yorm’s daughter drawing water from the well. Thank you all for your generous support!

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