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Name Lath and her four children now have access to water

Name Lath
Dear Tom, Brian and Robin, Trudy, Oxana, Rao, Jeffrey, James, Micah, Marc, Bill, David, and Scott,

Name Lath lives with her husband, three daughters and one son in the small village of Lumpok in rural Western Cambodia. The family lives in a house built from wood, and they support themselves by growing grains and fruits and vegetables, and keeping chickens.

Thanks to the generous support of Tom (2 parts!), Rao (2 parts!), Micah (2 parts!), Marc (2 parts!), Scott (2 parts!), Brian & Robin, Trudy, Oxana, Jeffrey, James, Bill, David and Scott the Trailblazer Foundation was able to drill a well for this family.

Having access to a reliable water source will free up time that was once spent traveling long distances to collect water. Your donation will have an enormous impact on Name Lath and the lives of her children.  Thank you all for your generous support.

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