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Thrilled to receive a new pump well!

Dear PETER and Brandon,

Mounh Mei lives with her husband and eight children – three sons and five daughters, in the village of Tatrav Bakong, rural Western Cambodia.

The family lives in a house built from wood and own one hen, which provides them an additional source of income. The family lives with modest resources with no access to clean water.

They traveled long distances to gather water for their needs, spending much time and energy, each day.

Your generous donations enabled Trailblazer to provide a pump well to Mounh Mei, because of which they now have access to clean water.

In this photo, her older son is seen using the new well, gifted by you. Thanks to that, they are now safe from deadly waterborne disease and can save much time for other activities.

Thank you so much for your generous donations. A big thank you to Brandon for providing 16 shares of a drinking well! Thank you!

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