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Jeun has clean water in his front yard!

Tatrav pump 22
Dear IRENE SIONG HOONG, sally, Laurent, Dara, Carrie, KOWSILLIYA, helen, Trevor, Dolores, and Raja,

Jeun lives with his wife and five children, in the village of Tatrav (Bakong), rural Western Cambodia.

The family lives in a house built from wood and own two cows, which provide them milk and an additional source of income.

Before receiving the well from Trailblazer, Jeun Chhorn’s family traveled long distances to gather water for their needs and the livestock.

Your generous donations¬†enabled Trailblazer to provide a pump well to Jeun Chhorn’s family.

Thanks to your gift, they now have clean water in their front yard and can save much time and energy from traveling long distances, for water.

Your support means a lot to them. Thank you all for this kind gesture! A special thank you to Laurent and Raja for donating multiple shares! Thank you so much!



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